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2000 Acura TL

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Acura TL Acura TL Acura TL Acura TL

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Acura TL Chrome Factory OEM Wheels

Seller:Kevin Cunningham
City, State:Knoxville, TN - (Map It!)
Email Contact:Click Here To Email The Seller

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Fits 1999-2003 TL Models and 2001-2002 CL Models, 16x6, 12 Spoke Alloy Chrome Wheels, Lists new for $329.00 plus tax at the Acura Dealer. Set of 4 wheels includes Acura Center Cap and Chrome Valve Stem. Wheels have never been through car wash, always hand washed with Professional Pinnacle Detailers Car Soap and polished with Pinnacle Chrome Polish Monthly. Only selling because one wheel recently was lightly curb checked on the lip of the wheel and the Michelin tire took the worst of the curb check but the lip of the wheel sustained minimal damage which I have pictures of and it can be repaired through a tire center and most people could probably live with this but being the nit pick person that I am, I could not so I am passing the savings onto someone else. This seriously is very minimum as it didnít even touch the face of the wheel at all, only the lip where it meets the rubber and only on the one wheel, all the other three wheels are in perfect condition which is why Iíve priced these to sell at $500.00 for all four wheels. Thanks for looking!

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