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2007 Subaru Impreza

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Subaru Impreza Subaru Impreza

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Short Shifter - WRX
Stock Number:ixizshift II

Seller:ming t
City, State:Snellville, GA - (Map It!)
Email Contact:Click Here To Email The Seller
Phone Number:678.871.8861
Additional Link:ixizconcept - ixizshift II

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The best short shifter in the market for the WRX and 92x models. The shifter is what physically links you to your vehicle. The ixiz§hift II provides a positive short throw every time. The precision of each shift is immediately appreciated.

The advantage of the ixiz§hift II is the ability to adjust the shift throws from 0%-40% reduction, and independently change the height of the shifter. Optional weight to balance the shifter and boot holder/locknut for the aftermarket shift knobs.

Product HIghlights - triple adjustment
1. Independent shift throw adjustment 0-40% reduction in throw.
2. Independent shifter height adjustment -1" to +0.5".
3. Secure clamping and keyed shaft with 2x the clamping force that prevents sliding and rotating.
4. Marked shaft for adjustment identification and limit.
5. adjustable weights for a true balance feel.

Optional add ons
a. 135 grams of weight [ixizsweight] $12
b. boot holder / locknut [ixizsbootcollar] $9

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