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BMW Hydrogen Booster-all models
Price:$1,000 -
City, State:Blaine, MN - (Map It!)
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Hydrogen Boost Fuel Injection System

Hydrogen Fuel Cell, the most cleanest emissions fuel that can power a vehicle better then regular gasoline, while also achieving higher engine gas mileage, engine horsepower, etc. You probably haven't heard much about it because the government doesn't want you to know. Since 1990, the idea was crushed over and over again by our Government and giant Oil Companies. More details about our government

By installing the Hydrogen Boost Fuel Cell System you benefit yourself and your society in many ways:

Drastic increase in engine horsepower
Extreme gas mileage increase
Decrease the effects of global warming
IRS Tax Deduction
The installation is completely reversible and will not affect any car warranty. Installation Process.

The Hydrogen Boost Fuel System is reusable and you will be able to install it and reinstall in any of your future cars. The system will pay off for itself guaranteed. And on top of saving money, improving gas mileage, horsepower and emissions, you also will be making more out of your gas, every time you fill up your gas tank, you will not give your money away to CEO Oil Giants.


Up to 30% Gas Mileage increase.
Increase of 5% in horsepower.
Greenhouse approved.
Extremely low emissions.
Simple installation.
System includes all hardware.
Installation instructions included.

Note: Parts will be shipped to buyer straight from warehouse. All Shipping will be payed by Xtrmedeals(seller).

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